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CASE: customer call service

44% of US consumers switch to a competitor by following
a poor customer service experience

source: insightsquared

Providing great customer service via phone
is critical to retain the customers

We provide actionable data on the mood of customers in order to take the most suitable decision for a range variety of clients' emotions

Neutral 25%
Happy 80%
Sad 45%
Angry 26%

For supervisors and managers, we provide essential reports, which help them to monitor the quality of customer service and most common complaints.
Currently supervisors do that by manual listening to a small sample of calls.
This simple but crucially important task takes 35% of their working time!


To use this time more productively we'll fully automate that process and provide insights about all the calls not just a subset of them.

We deliver our technology
as a cloud API service
that allows you to integrate it easily into yours software.

Our team

Denis Ardabatsky
CEO & Co-Founder

Andrew Matusevich
CTO & Co-Founder

Nadzeya Karaban
iOS Developer

Aliaksei Mkrtychan

Aliaksei Dzehtsiarou
Software QA Engineer

NeoSound Team - We translate any sound into meaningful data! from Denis from Neosound on Vimeo.